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Yesterday I had my last McDonalds sandwich in a long time. I fought off my beagle Honey, and I savored every single bite of that processed goodness. Then I took a 7.5-mile hike with both Honey and Elsie (Kris‘s dog)  and I thought a lot about how the hell I was going to eat healthy through the next four months.

I love running but I also LOVE eating.

Running has made my relationship with food difficult. In the last year, I would scarf anything in front of me eating more than most people do thinking it was ok to do that because I was going to smoke after my meal anyway. Well, that just gave me a heart condition and the lung capacity of an infant. So when I started running and I found myself becoming hungry all the time I had to re-evaluate what I was putting into my body. I’ve done pretty well. I don’t eat out or drink soda and I lost a lot of weight by just doing that. It’s also felt good on the wallet.

But when I thought about what else in my diet needed to change…talk about anxiety.

I was and still am afraid of the nutrition part of this training and I’m supposed to run 12 miles on Saturday, if that doesn’t scare me but nutrition does, I might have a problem. Not to mention how much more good food costs. I have gone down the healthy eating rabbit hole enough times to know it’s overwhelming and it’s not cheap.

With this in mind, I knew there had to be a better way.

The good news is there is a better way! It all dawned on me by watching, you guessed it, a BuzzFeed video about eating healthy. They were all complaining about how little they could buy with large amounts of money. As I was watching and borderline crying because I was so afraid of what my bank account would look like my mind went straight to Sams Club.

A buy in bulk miracle happened.

At Safeway, I can buy about a week’s worth of food and I still spend over $100.00 but at Sams Club, I got a month worth of food for close to the same price. I know what you’re thinking, won’t that stuff go bad? It will but I have a solution for that as well it’s called freezer bags! I bought in bulk things I could easily freeze and use later. It will make cooking so much easier too because I can freeze meals together and just thaw them out before cooking them.

Am I still nervous about my meal situation for the next 4 months? Absolutely, but it is all part of the journey.

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