Musings From The First Day Of Marathon Training

I want to take a moment and recap my first day of training.

It wasn’t so bad. My body is pretty used to running 4 miles, and I had a great progression run going on. If you follow me on Strava, you can see it. The workout is only half the battle. Here are a few other thoughts about my first official day.

FullSizeRender 2

Get healthy on every level. Goodbye forever fast food…well maybe not forever.

I went to the store and bought a ton of good food. Which was so hard for me to do but I think I will be very happy with my new diet but meal prep is a beast in itself, and I started regretting waiting until after my run to do it when my boss told me I had to be at work by 5:00 AM this morning. Still, I got it done. I made triple the amount of food for the meal I wanted this evening then I made some chicken, salmon, rice, and green beans. I also packed some granola for the filming adventure I had today which was fantastic!


Starting at this time of the month is not easy for me.

This is a reality for most girls, if you are uncomfortable reading this, you’re on the wrong blog. My poor boobs wouldn’t fit into my large sports bra, and I had some cramps that would not quit. I still ran 4 miles and nearly sh*t my pants in my driveway. Awe the reality of being a female runner. Also, icing and stretching are so so important do not skip on that ever!

Thank God tomorrow is rest day.

Mondays are usually rest days. I’m not that lazy.


I ran 4 miles – add 22.2 more and I’ve got a marathon.

I watched a video yesterday about a guy who taught himself how to do a backflip in one day. He illustrated how it was all in his head that he couldn’t do it. Finally, he took away the one thing that was his safety (a mattress), and he did it. This is the kind of thought process I want to have through this whole training, and I have to have on all of my runs this point forward. I have the physical capabilities not I just have to get past the mental blocks.



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