Run Like A Girl

So today I ran 10 miles for the first time in my life. I had originally planned on just doing 4 since that was what I started on last week but Kris asked me to run with him, and I thought what the heck. It gave me some perspective on where I am at as a runner, and I feel pretty good about it.

This run even as well as it went was one of the hardest.

I suffer from endometriosis, a condition that is physically and emotionally draining. When I woke up this morning, at 3:00 AM it was not because I was ready but because my pelvic floor muscles were screaming in pain. I quickly took some ibuprofen knowing it would do nothing and prepared myself to endure the next 3-6 hours of pain. It was one of the worst episodes I have had in a long time, at one point my legs were so tense and seized I could not get out of bed. At 7:00 when the pain was finally just a dull ache, and I was able to function my legs were weak, and I was not sure if running would be such a good idea.

When you have suffered through this, and know what this condition can take away from you it is hard to give in to it. So I ran anyway.

Kris met me at a trail head, he had already gone 3 miles, and we ran the next 10 together, I had to walk a few times, I almost had a few accidents, but I made it. I kept thinking about what race day will be like, and I knew that whatever I was feeling today I could be feeling when I run in November. Pushing through was hard, but I am a stronger woman for it.

For any other endo runners out there, ladies you got this.


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