Get Up & Go – How To Stay Motivated

Since today was rest day, I found myself contemplating motivation. In most aspects of life, I have found myself burning out or giving up. This admittingly bad habit of mine has struck real fear that once the weather gets cold, I will get lazy and stop running, crushing all progress keeping me from my goal. I cannot and will not allow this to happen.

This train of thought created today’s topic, staying motivated even when you want to quit.

I think first and foremost you have to be passionate about what you are doing if you don’t have passion for something, why do it? Sticking with something that does not feed your fire will only put it out. Before I found running, I was a “candle in the wind” living each day exactly the same. If this describes your life find your passion and go for it.

When I have especially lazy days where I don’t want to run, even though I know I’ll feel better after I get out for a few miles, I shift my thinking. Am I a couch potato or an athlete? Telling myself, I am an athlete automatically puts me in a different state of mind.

Don’t do anything half hearted – have purpose behind your passion.

Simply put, set a goal. My long term goal is to run a marathon 2 days after my 25th birthday but setting short term goals is just as important. I have a training plan I follow pretty religiously which means my short term goals are already created. If you don’t have a training plan make each run a goal. Tell yourself “I want to run X amount of miles today.” Then go out and do it.

A few more tips are…

  • make it a priority, add running to your schedule.
  • Have fun with it – I like to create new routes in Strava and try them out!
  • Have a good support group.

Motivation is something that comes and goes, don’t give up on your goals due to lack of motivation.



4 thoughts on “Get Up & Go – How To Stay Motivated

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  1. I like your couch potato or athlete question. I do something similar. I think, “I am an athlete, that means that I GO.” Have to say it out loud sometimes cause my bed can be tough to get out of at 5am! Nice post!

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