Never Give Up, Adapt As Necessary

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed on August 3 when I said I would have a new blog posted I didn’t post one. Maybe you didn’t notice, and this sentence is irrelevant, either way, Thursday was a difficult day.

Going through life, you always assume things won’t happen to you. You can say that would never be me. Maybe you are lucky enough to go through life with out any thing but minor scrapes and bruises but for most people luck is not always on your side.

I will not go in to detail as to what is going on because I am not looking for pity, I am here to encourage and uplift anyone who is struggling to reach their goals. I’ve known since the start of training that I would have hard days I would have times I wanted to give up and I refuse to let that be an option as long as I am able.

Running has always been one of the only things I can control physically. The pain I feel when I run is pain I have chosen, it is a discomfort that means I am reaching my achievements. So you can imagine how I felt earlier this morning when I tried to run a 10 mile loop in the Bighorns and had to turn around because what I felt was no longer the pain I was used to and I did not choose it. Blame it on stress, sleeping in a tiny car the night before, not being properly hydrated, or even eating taco bell for dinner it was hard to hurt, and it was harder to turn around.

But enough with the sob story…where’s the encouragement?

Life is hard, there will always be cuts and bruises, missed turns, even the most successful people have bad days. On those days it is so important to have positive self talk. Being pessimistic and giving in to whatever your situation is will only lead you to a deep dark place, at least in my experience it has. I know its cliche  to say “whatever you are going through, you can make it.” But if you say you can’t how can you expect to make it through anything?

Make light of the difficult situations you are in. I may not be running the milage I wanted to but I get to sit in one of the most beautiful national forests in the country with my dogs and lounge in my hammock. I’m also able to sit and write this for you to read. Kris is able to run the distance he wanted to with out me to slow him down or the pups to pull him over. I get to be here and that is a wonderful gift.

Even when the future looks dark and unwelcoming, embrace the changes you have to make, and continue to reach for the goals you want in life. Never give up, adapt when needed.


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