I Fall Down – But I Get Up Again

I trip often and when I fall I fall hard. So I thought I would share a few tips on why to get back up after taking a spill and the best things you can do for scraped knees, shoulders, faces, or what ever you hit on your way down.

If you hit the ground hard enough just walk it off.

Here is my story behind this tip. In June I ran my first ever 10k. I was doing so well I was right on time and I was pushing hard when I tripped. This wasn’t a trip where you get up brush off the dirt and go it was down a steep hill and I hit my knees, face, and shoulders. I also knocked the wind out of my lungs so breathing hurt for a little while. The best thing I did in this moment, even though I gave up my time and place in the race, was to walk. After walking for just .1 miles I was able to determine if I could start running again, I could I came in last place but I still finished.

Keep a first aid kit in your car or in a pack.

I never have band-aids, ever, so I have made my fair share of creative bandages, ranging from maple leaves to toilet paper and ductape. It is best if you can clean your battle wounds to keep infection away. If you are a total klutz like me, finding a small kit to carry with you is essential.

Fall with dignity

If you know you’re going to go down, make sure you do it in style. Or you can be like me and scream a variety of curse words and or moan like a cow when you’re trying to get back up. The latter is probably accurate for most of us.

Show off your battle scars

Call it begging for attention, but if I am going to be walking around with 2 goose eggs on my knees for the next week, you can bet your butt I’m sharing a photo on Facebook. It gives you a chance to get some encouragement from your friends and family and a chance to laugh at your misfortune.

Always get back up

Even if it hurts get back up and keep going. It will make you even more proud if you do.


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